Classmates, eh?

I've been tagged by Ka-Ay for while now. Just that I never noticed it before, now, now, don't get mad eh Ka-Ay! I'm gonna do this although the fact my class wasn't the way I liked it. Well, you still have to make do of everything if you gonna survive in a new place and in a new crowd kan? I really despise some of my classmates, and tremendously loved the others. Need I mention the names? Nah, I know they already knew if they're hated or loved by me, though it doesn't bring any significance effect to them or me. The one that I loved, I really appreciate them in my life. Yes, you Syazana! Hahahaha :D

Name 15 people from your class randomly. Do not look at the questions below before naming them.

14.Sarah Atikah

-Now answer these Questions-

1.Who is number 3's crush?
I know him! He's my senior at my former school. Hahaha :D

2. What do you think of Number 6?
She is a very good friend, when I pushed away the fact she's somehow evil inside. XD And she's good at what she does, which is, by far, to me lah, reading books so close to her eyes. :D Hahahah, Just joking Syazana!

3.How old is number 5?
She is 17 years young like me, and acts like she's 28 or something which makes her look so mature!!!

4.How is number 14 as a class officer?
The class would be a lot more noisy and much more livelier plus beautiful I guess?

5. If you think of number 13, what's the first thing that comes to mind?
How could I kill him, without anyone noticing. *mumbles to self*
Oh? Him? I've no idea. *Grins widely*

6.Do you have plans with number 4?
Syazana? Don't know much. If God's willing, yes.

7.How about number 7?
Hmm, lets see first. :D

8.Does number 14 likes anyone on your list?
Yes. Sarah Atikah USED TO LIKE him.

9. Name three things about number 10.
-Damn good at Chess
-Damn good at Maths
-Damn good friend of mine.

10.Do you remember the first time you actually said "Hi" to number 11?
I never EVER said Hi to him, it's him who does all the "Hi" things.

11. Have you ever been groupmates with number 13?
Yep, many times already. Just that we used to be close.

12. Have you ever had a fight with number 8?
Nope, just simple arguments about Japanese actors, animes and cultures.

13. Do you chat often with number 9?
Yeah, a lot of times. Even lately, I've been receiving phone calls from him. :D

14.Are you and number 2 close friends?
Quite, actually. She knows how much I despise number 13.

15. Is number 1 pretty?
She's kinda cute rather than pretty. The more I looked at her, the more I think that she's from some happy-comedy-life animes. Hahaha.. She's a nice fellow.

16. What would you say if number 12 and number 14 is dating?

I can't bear the truth then. It's SO weird.

So that's all from this tag, and to those names mentioned just now, I'm so sorry If I had ever make you uncomfortable or mad. That's all. :D



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