Bittersweet of Loving

Love. Love is a word of resemblance of something much more universal than the stereotype loving that had been whispered to our ears for so long. Whenever you heard the word love, the picture of a man holding another woman's hands crossed your mind, isn't it? (It may varies person to person :D) Did you still remember your first love, the very very first love you had, maybe in your childhood or your school days? Suddenly you realised, how you were stupid back then, easily fallen in love with anyone, who very much suits your taste. I could never forget that time even tough I'm already grown up now, when I was small, I used to love hanging around with that little girl in my neighbourhood. She sees the world as I see the world. Now, she had gone, somewhere I can't remember or rather I don't know or seem to care.
Do you remember when being loved by your friends? It must have been a beautiful friendship when we all had during the school days. Yes, we're all innocent yet idiotic at the same time back then. Tremendously, we craved for attention, because that attention was the whole world to us, the peak or pinnacle of our dreams. I love the old times, when we, friends would laugh so hard, nothing to worry our closed minds of this troubled society we're living. We would go to the same spot in the school during the recess time, talking what happened or what's going to happen next in the school.Love differs when you talk about your own family. Do you still remember how much our own parents would stay up during our sick times just to make sure we were comfortable on our beds? That's love. Do you still remember when you father said no, whenever you wanted to go out of your house playing outside alone? And, how much our own brothers or sisters would stand up for us whenever the bullies came to take your candies away?

Not much, right? So, take this time to cherish the little things that had happened in your life recently. You never know, if they were gone the next minute you've seen them. Allah S.W.T is Almighty. He knows better. :D

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