Truth Be Told

Hey, it's been a long time since I wrote or more like mumble about myself, isn't it? Well, I've been busy lately, and simply just don't have the time to write anything about me. Despite of not doing any part-timers, I'm still quite full on handling my own little life. Learning to drive, takes a lot of my own free time and your own (my parents) money. I mean, I had to pay like RM500++, and I just only passed the QTI, not yet the real JPJ test. Now, I'm quite worried how I'm suppose to pass the test and not taking any retest as that will only result into more money needed to be paid to the institute, and mind you, my institute DOES steal from people. Hahaha, usually my nervousness only lasted for an hour, so there's nothing to be worried about on my side, kan? Next month, I might do some traveling again, back to Terengganu. I'm not so sure myself, but if my brother in law leaves my sister again for an outstation, I will have to visit her and stay there for quite some time, and being in Terengganu is fun actually. I miss the beaches and the breeze the most.

Owning a strange habit does seemed to be a burden to me. I mean, I have this weird habit of buying books first even though the current one I'm reading isn't finished yet. So, that makes me having lots of novel that I read halfway, making my room full of unread or rather untouched novels which acts as decorating objects to give signals to anyone who comes in saying "He reads us eventhough he never touched us, that ought to make him look smart!" Hahaha :D, Wish I had the interest to read my books back. Well, currently I have three books read unfinished. One of them are too long and the words are too small to be read, and the other one is too childish to continue. The one left is somehow weird and I can't seem to understand the writer's imagination at all. Still, I'm thinking of continuing one of the books sometime later. When your not doing anything, reading books can be the best companion and your inner movie cinema. So any books I should consider to read? Okay, there goes again my weird habit.



  1. we share d same habit!!ngahahaha

  2. hmmm... minat politik?? bacalah KERANDA UMNO..ahaha

    otak ak da ditembusi pemikiran radikal arh..huhu
    [kesan membaca yg kurang baik]haha

  3. Yes syazana, we do.. bohsan la.. nanti rumah aku jadik library... Ka-Ay.. aku tak pernah minat politik


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