The Results are In...

Yesterday, while visiting Kay-Ay's blog, I stumble upon the link for JPA's list of interview for oversea studies. Remembering I applied for JPA, I instantly check my name and guess what? My name is shortlisted for the interview this coming April. Yes! Thank Allah S.W.T. I'm so happy now, even though I'm having doubts whether I should continue on being a Lawyer, (if I passed the interview), or should I belong in the emergency room helping and treating people in need as a Doctor, obviously not as a medical assistance. Nevertheless, I'm going to practice even harder and do my best on the coming interview which is 3rd April. As we all are already informed, JPA interviews had always been done in a group. So that doesn't help me at all, isn't it? I never been interviewed before and my first time is going to be done in a group. Wonder if I can pull it off? XD

I'm gonna need new clothes, new pants, new tie, new socks and new shoes. Everything is new since I'm going to the interview! Hahaha. Support me you all! By the way, anyone here who had been into interviews before. Mind helping me out a little bit? I need help, May day! May Day! Thanks so much!



  1. waaaaah!!! mara nye lom kuar....huhuhuh....tere r chom...nnti intvw jgn bg org laen conquer!!!hahaha

  2. ish.. overly conquer karang aku kena cop pulun plak.. hahaha :D


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