Slip, Trip, Flip and Dip

Well, remembered that I went to Langkawi to take my slip of result? Well, seriously, do you think I was gonna go to Langkawi and take my results and went back home? Nah, I did some trips with my friends. We travel around Langkawi, for two days actually, seeing and visiting places. It's very nice to hangout with your friends when you haven't seen them for months and months. Who did all the driving? It's all thanks to Mr. Pipo for driving us all around the Langkawi, even tough you just got your license and it still smelt fresh and new from the driving institute. By the way, he droved us all in this very big, chunk piece of metal, namely an old, near-death van. A vey big applause again to Mr. Pipo. Hahaha. I was quite envious plus nervous seeing him driving the car, I mean he just received his license.

That night, we went to the cinemax, the only cinema at Langkawi. It was full of people despite it was already 11 p.m. There are several movies shown that night, and do we need to decide fast that night. Some wanted to watch Duyung (a malaysian movie, translated into Mermaid) and others wanted to watch jumper and the rest wanted to watch 10, 000 B.C. Any movie is fine with as long the plot is really nice. But, majority wanted to watch 10, 000 B.C , which I strongly disagreed since it was all about violence, (not really XD) and there's not a single technology there in the movie. Well, you can't help it since it is 10, 000 B.C which I seriously doubt that humans can speak English by that time.

The next day, we went to the Langkawi Jetty to play some bowling, and we played for 4 games in a row. Wow, I felt really tired after that, that I played dangerously. I threw the ball, but lost my grip and the ball flew backwards, luckily not hitting anyone in the back. Hahaha, some experience I had there. :D Pipo, or Izzat was it, that was really had the need to ride the cable car, despite it looked dangerous,(to me) and the fact I hate heights the most was not helping at all. Well, everyone's going. I can't just sit behind and watch they have all the fun to themselves. No way, nu-uh. So, mustering all the courage I had left after the sight of the cable car, I went into the Gondola. My heart beat so hard, that I was gasping for air. I looked around and it was beautiful up there. You can see the vast ocean and the small boats and yacht, and it was damn fantastic, although the height was killing me.

Later that night, not exactly at night, but it was nearly dark, so I assumed it was nearly night or late evening, we went to Harbor Park. The view there was breath-taking, since it looked like we went overseas or something. We took a picture of the sunset falling upon the water. It was so beautiful.

Next morning, we said our goodbyes and part from each other. It was fantastic and I wish we could do this much more often later.


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