Driving + Suckers = Failure

I HATE DRIVING CARS! Just a statement after finding out that I failed the QTI test. Whatever. It's not the end of the world and at least I failed only at the road test but not at the side-park, 3 point test, etc. It means I passed half the test, yippee! I can always try it out later kan? Now, that man who's handling(testing, nope, it sound weird also, duh, handling also means.. duh whatever :D) me said, I had to pay him another RM 30 just to take another test on the road. And if I ever need to change the dates, in case if I didn't make it, another RM10 burned inside my wallet(technically mine, yes XD). Leeches! Leeches! Come on, RM10 just to change date? Weird system, or is it just at my driving institute? Here's a list that they cross that I did wrong (or so they thought I did wrong :D).

  1. I'm driving over the limit. (This is such a lie. 50kmh is not over limit okay!?)
  2. I don't know how to use brake/emergency brake. (A simple mistake for not lifting the emergency brake when driving... :P)
  3. I'm driving violently and dangerously. (Hey, no one died. -_-|||)
  4. I'm driving without looking at the side mirrors. (Come on, I didn't give the signal you didn't noticed la pulak.. the slightest mistakes such as that pulak you noticed.. -_-|||)
  5. There's too many mistakes that I can't remember much. At any rate, I got 12/20. :sigh:

I can't fail again. My sisters and brother didn't failed their QTI, at least. Seriously, I don't care now how, or when, I'm gonna pass that QTI, (It's just a pre-test for JPJ.. Wonder if I could pass the real one? :Sigh:) or else, there's gonna be some head-slaying and rock-throwing and anything related to burning down the driving institute to smashing all the vehicles available there.. Hahaha.. :D Just kidding, I'm not that crazy, mind you. Now, my legs cramped a little bit, or more like ached to me because of someone do the driving in a SMALL car and I(more like my legs) need some resting to do. Wish me luck for the next QTI again.

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