Headaches, Forms and Scholarship.

My head ached so much that I just wanna throw my head, that if it is reattachable, to the wall. Ayah was telling me to fill this and that forms, and Abang Khairul was calling Ayah up, telling what kind of forms should I fill in. It's great that they cared for me, but I'm having a headache just filling up these forms. One, asking some stupid questions, while others wanted my co-curriculum activities, which for me, so far, isn't the best thing that had ever happened to me. It was so frustrating, knowing with that kind of results, you can achieve your dreams, but, your dreams simply were blocked by one subject mainly named "Additional Maths". And jobs not related to it, was the one needed Additional Maths the most. What ever is happening in our CRUEL world!?

As I was filling out this form from the Security Commissions, I was stumbled that it required an essay on what of my past achievements, what can I contribute to them, and on what is actually I can do to the world and so on. So, guys, anyone, who are willing to help, brain filling with ideas, could you guys please give me some ideas on mainly what I should write about? I'm starting to feel I'm writing for an essay competition already where winning is so much fun. (Which is a good thing? :D) Never mind that now, I hope I will get some scholarships from certain companies, really. If you guys know any scholarship related to law, or anything that only requires 8As and so on, please don't hesitate to tell me by commenting this post or shout at shouting box. Thanks a lot.
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