One Day, One Way

Yesterday, I woke up extremely early, which is 6.00 a.m in the morning. Yes, I really did. Well, actually, my sister have this function that she needed to attend at Sime-Darby Convention Center at Bukit Kiara. She and her group of business partner booked a bus and a bus full of people, and kids that scored recently in the UPSR examination, went to Kuala Lumpur. There were supposed to be a Gala Night for these kids and they will be given certificate of appreciation of their hardworks recently. We left the house around 6.45 a.m and arrived at the spot where we should gather before we depart for the event. Looking around, all I see was boys and girls, age ranging from 9-13, which was such a put down for me. (Like if there was some of my age, would I mingle with them, surely not.. XD) Something really weird during the trip was, the bus stopped at many rest areas, but it was surely a total waste of time. I mean we just ate at 8.00 a.m and we stopped at another rest area around 12.00p.m to eat again. Well, not risking any chance, since they might not stop anymore at any rest area, I had lunch with my sister at Dunkin Donuts.

I was happy to see Dunkin Donuts again since it had been a long time that I had seen one before. I really love those donuts, which I wish really badly that I can somehow, have a bite of all the flavours served. Nevermind though. I always had another time kan? We arrived at Kuala Lumpur around 3.00 p.m. We left for KL around 7 a.m. Do the maths. They really took their time kan? My butt was saying to me to stop sitting and walk around, but I'm on the bus for like 4 hours straight and walking on the bus can be severely dangerous for someone with my weight. :sigh: Well, from there we went to National Science Center located near the Sime-Darby Convention Center. Inside the science center, it was educational, just that it was quite boring since there wasn't any really that caught my attention.

Then there was the Gala Night, which is a total PUT DOWN.Come on lah, I was the only one not wearing any tuxedos or coats, that made me feel I was someone really not important, which is yes. Well, I'm still a teenager, it's impossible for me to own one. Something was wrong with this Gala Night, since it was for students, why the heck they brought some near-naked dancers from the night club? What nonsense is this! And, the food they served was all Chinese cuisine. What luck kan? I'm not the biggest fan of Chinese food, I prefer Japanese rather than Chinese. Anyway, I got to me Syasya Elite, the once famous singer of the group Elite. Hahaha. She looked the same only, much more motherly. Anyway, the Gala finished at 11.00p.m which is another weird thing, since the students needed to sleep early kan? Me and my sis went home exactly that night and we arrived at Kedah around 6.00 a.m, which rose a question to me. How come the trip to KL took much more time than trip to Kedah? Nevermind, really.

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