What is Already Meant To be

It's much more easier said than done, but I'm gonna say it anyway. When the SPM examination result slips came out, nearly half of the crowd cheered happily. They scored, they soared, and they cried out their happiness to the whole world. Those standing beside them cheered on as a sing of support for their friends. It's good to get what you aimed for, and much more better when you got much more than what you deserved. Little did they knew, behind, those euphoric faces and lively screams, lived among them who suffered failure. They walked away from the crowd, avoiding questions such as, "How much A's did you get?", "What did you get for Biology?" and so on.

They cried, letting regrets taking over themselves, blaming others, blaming the world, and blaming themselves. Crying, and finding fault isn't the solution. I know, it's easier said than done, I'm not the one who got the bad results. Hey, I, myself wasn't satisfied with my results as well, but do you see me frowning, sulking, or blaming others? What is done is already done! Don't frown, fell down on your knees, and cried your eyes out, blaming others. It's not the end. I've seen and heard people who stumbled upon obstacles during their journey, but they rose up again, gathering new courage and spirits, moving forward, not looking back, and succeed. It's not the end of the world if your result is really bad. I'm telling this to my friends who succumbed to their fears, worrying nothing that they can't see in the future. Stop, I tell you. You are not alone, I'm here with you, am I not? Let's step forward together. We'll succeed together as we promised before! That's a promise!


  1. You're a really optimistic person, it would seem. That's good.



  2. Thanks. I love my friends btw.

  3. impressive is sujective..
    awak sangat 'impressive' kdang kala


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