And I'm Spent!

I'm damn nervous when it was this morning, and yet my eagerness to go to the interview could not hold me up any longer. I need to finish up this interview quickly, if not, as soon as possible. Well then the trip was okay, but I'm still drenched in fear that I might not perform in this whole interview session. When I first arrive there, which is Tengku Syed Sirajjudin Polytechnic school, I saw many cars driving to the direction of where the JPA interview is held. Oh my God, why there's so many people today? I'm so worried sick of my chances of getting through this interview process successfully.

I followed some of the applicant of the scholarship and we gathered at a lecture room where we were supposed to wait for out turn. In the mean time, the man who's handling us told us to rearrange our certificates and other important documents as the way that they liked it. So, I did what I was told. Right at 8.15 a.m, the first group went in. Truth be told, I was very drowned in my own thoughts that I might not perform, but the sight of an old friend rekindles my bravery. I'm not alone. :D So, while we waited for the first group to finish up, we took the time to reminisce about ourself when we were back in Sultan Abdul Hamid College. It was fun, in fact, so fun that it got rid of all my fears. Then when clock strikes 9.30 a.m, the first group came out. Some of them said it was alright, while others said it was too bad. I know their tactics very well. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME FALL! DO YOU HEAR ME?!

So, I brave in and walk into the interviewers room. And contradict to what I usually heard, it was nothing like of it. The interviewers are sweet (since they are females O.o) and yet very sporting themselves. They told us to comfort ourselves on the chair, until that they won't start up yet. We started our interview by telling more about ourselves. Next come the best part. We have to discuss a topic which I thought was supposed to be the big killer to me but in fact it was a miracle job for me. They asked a very simple question and asked us to discuss it. The damn question is :
What qualities should a leader have?

I laughed so hard, on the inside, or else they might reject my application since they thought I was going insane just going through the interview. So, I fight hard and I was quite satisfied with what I delivered. To the last part, where we would be allowed to talk in Malay. She asked, us what kind of current issues came up on yesterdays news and paper. I was shocked, because I wasn't giving full hundred percent to the news last night since I was so focused on preparing for the interview. So, taking chances I talk about Sharlinie. Yeah that was kinda lame isn't it? Nevermind that though as I believe I had delivered successfully. :D

So, everything seems well to me. Thanks for everyone who had been helping me through this interview, especially my family and friends. :D

Tata. XD


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