I'm feeling a under the weather a little bit, seems this all because of the interview. You see, I haven't done the slightest training at all, since I don't really know where to start. I searched the internet for the current issues, but which issues is considered the real current issues? I mean to some people, the steadily rise of the number of foreign workers pose a threat to us, but not to everyone of us. So, I'm working very hard just to find some current issues that are related to our daily life as a student. And, all the other things had been settled, for instance, my new clothe, my new tie, and my brand new pants. Not to forget, my new shoes as well. Everything seems new since I'm going to the interview. So I can't let my parents down, they're hoping for me to get to somewhere decent to study.

Even though, I never thought of studying law before, I think taking law is something rewarding as well. I can get to voice out the voiceless making sure their thoughts reach the authority's ears. But, as you all know, laws had many flaws. I'm tired of thinking of what I'm supposed to be.

Tata :D


  1. Chom, I studied law in UiTM. Said to be the best in M'sia coz everything in English there. Org belajar kat UK balik pun gi UiTM buat honors. But in my opinion, ikut minat chom. Jgn ikut apa org lain nak chom buat atau jadi.
    Kalau ikut akak punya advice, choose to study bidang yg memana chom boleh kerja. IT, engineering, medicine. Law ni, satu yg leceh, boleh practice kat M'sia je.
    Akak study law, degree bukan boleh pakai sangat kat sini. Rugi. Tp mana lah akak agak nak dok negara org. Hmm

  2. Oh, really.. Tulah as I said just now, law had many flaws..

  3. chom~ yeaahhhhhh!!
    gud luck 2 u, chom~
    when's ur intrview? =D


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