Future in Penang

I think it's quite late now to tell where I'm going next from here. Yep, you guess it, I'm really going to KMPP or Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang or in English, Matriculation College Penang. That is my first choice when I first applied for matriculation, and who knew I'm gonna get it. Some of my closest friends got there too. So I'm quite relieved that I won't felt alienated when I entered there since some of my friends are there as well. But then again, some who I really wanted them to enter there didn't got there, which is quite a disappointment to me. But hey, you can't be too selfish right? If I got the JPA scholarship, (please pray for me that I do :D), I would go away on my way to the overseas, much farer than now if I'm in Penang. I know we would not be able to stay together forever but I do know only this one thing for sure; we could always contact each other whenever we need to. Some friends are only kept on the road, but mine are kept forever.

In Penang, joining me would be Ka-Ay, Irfan some of my friends. So, Let's have a good laugh together ok? Well, another state traveled once more. Irfan said that the place is not far from the main shopping centre (not that I'm buying any O.o) which is the main attraction for kids (teenagers you mean?) to hang out together kan? Hehe. I just can't wait going to school again (matriculation is considered a school kan? o.O) and learn back those that I missed for nearly 5 months. Oh my god, I forget how the nerves function already! I must do some homework before going back to learning. Haha. Irfan, won't you join me?

Tata XD

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