Letter Arrived!

Guess what?! The JPA offer letter came yesterday, or the day before yesterday, making me jumped to the roof. (figuratively speaking :D). Anyway, the first thing I saw when I opened the enveloped was another smaller enveloped, written on it was "South Australian Matriculation" in short SAM. Where you asked? Well, at Taylor's College! Woohoo, I'm coming to Subang sometime later! :D Not so sure to be that excited or not. What is SAM exactly? That I can't really tell, so I'm gonna do some research later. Know some good sites that I can refer to?

Reading the offer letter was really one of the happiest moments of my entire life, the feeling sure lasts ephemerally. The scholarship was given to me alright, but the amount that they gonna give me while I'm still in Malaysia is unbearable. Not going to mention the amount here, or I'm gonna die out of shame here, really. Not that I'm being ungrateful, although I might sound like one, it's just that scholarships are meant to take off the burden of your parents to school you and not to lighten their burden a little bit. I will try to cope up somehow. Sorry, I might sound ungrateful, it's just kinda sad, that MARA is giving quite a hefty scholarships to their students while JPA is kinda stingy when it comes to money. I'm not supposed to blame JPA, instead I should thanked them kan? Thanks a lot to JPA for sponsoring my studies and which in return I have to work my ass for you guys. Talk about a fair deal. :D

From now on, I promise to:
  • use my money wisely and not buying anything that could be considered "a waste"
  • never skip on my prayers, InsyaAllah.
  • mingle with the good influence crowd (not that I ever mingled with the bad crowd.)
  • never to follow the ways of those trend setters, rich, influential, friends-to-be of mine.
  • and lastly, never forget that I'm a sponsored boy, so act like one. :D
Haha,I'm so sorry if I had offended anyone.

Tata XD


  1. welcome to subang (in advance) then chom! :)

  2. Thanks! Wah, subang ade aper eh?

  3. wahhh..
    congrats for being accepted to taylor's..
    such a clever boy...
    u should be grateful!

    goodluck and happy studying in kl..

  4. Salam!

    Wahhhhhhhh good2!

    InsyaAllah kita jumpa nanti ya??

  5. subang ade aisya!


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