Mother, such a Wonder

Mother, such a Wonder

I would never replace another,
For your care and touch,
Is always a good thing to have much,
Your smile on the face,
Giving the coldest heart a warm embrace,
Such things is a wonder,
Because you're my mother.

I was once thought you were a bother,
Saying "No!" to what I wanted,
Giving me the tantrums short lasted,
Only some years later,
I met people here, there and another,
To notice their lovely mothers,
Never say "No!" to even bother.

A word of beautiful wonders,
I will never ever asked for another,
You're the one, I will bother,
Because, its simple, you're the Mother,
And I will always be the little other,
Love you always and forever,
Because you see, mother,
You're such a wonder.

written by AkmalG © AkmalG

Happy Mother's Day, I dedicate to all mothers out there and a special one to my mother. I love you mother, now, always and forever. Celebrate this month with your own mother, and love them, not only in this month but every month and every year, because you will never be able to replace with another. Happy Mother's Day once again. :D

Tata XD

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  1. I'm touched! *wipes fake tears with shirt*

  2. nk copy paste
    nk bg kt mak aku

  3. Haha.. fake tears.. ceh!


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