Of Grey's Anatomy and Bonston Legal

I'm still confused, confused on what I should do instead. Confused on what I should really become, after all this is my life I'm talking about, not someone else's. The thing is, I'm torn of wanting to work in the science field and at the same time, do some English-related stuffs. Why can't I just do both without wasting so much time so I could be richer before I'm even 30? Every time I hear people(these people are doctors, mind you o.O) talk about how the spinal cord got torn, or how the blood is spilled from the neck, I got this feeling of the highest intrigued-ness and wanting to know much more about it. I wanna work as a doctor, with high paying that is. And when I watch how people talk about laws and how they alter it, I was also intrigued about it.

So, can anyone help me? I don't want Irfan's opinion since I know the answer already. Hahaha :D

Tata XD


  1. what everyone should do is compromise between what they're good at and what they like...for example, i may like art, but it would be excessive stupid to take it up because i suck! ;p

  2. and the best way is to perform istikharah.

    honestly, i wouldnt want to do something i like, because eventually benda tu jd burden. id est art, i love art, i'm good at it and i know i can excel in it. the reason why i'm not taking art is because i don't want something i enjoy become a responsibility. the joy of it just go away.

    if u like law, u can still learn it sendiri. but if u're taking medic i doubt u'll have time to do so.

    (i'm going nowhere with this eh? haha)

    just think it through. for guys lg susahla, since korg kena fikir duit. perempuan xpyh fikir sgt career prospect pun takpe, last last boleh je snag a rich dying old man as a last resort.

    hahaha. i'm not helping you here aint i?

  3. klau ko nk jd doktor ko bleh handle pressure x? lagi2 rakyat malaysia sjk akhir2 ni suka sgt menyaman hosp utk $$$. so mmg byk complains yg hosp trima.

    my mom's a nurse, that's why I know.

    utk law plak aku x tau nk ckp pe sbb aku x minat. klau jd lawyer syariah ok kot. kt malaysia ni klau ko jd hakim pn klau org yg di ats tu x suka ikut sdp diorg je remove ko. huh!

  4. Erm, Istiqarah, I will do it.. thanks for the help though.. betul jugak..kalu suka tapi tak der skill its nothing jgk.. hehe :D


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