Tag me.

Hmm, while I was doing my brief visit to my fellow bloggers, Kak Nana had tagged me with this new kind of tag, (to me, :D).

1. Copy all the links below
2. Add your own link after the last one
3. Tag another 10 people

p/s : The most important thing is to upload cute pictures? (please, upload your own pictures :D)

Isn't she the cutest? My niece.

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Well this tag goes to *randomly pick people* :

1. Ka-Ay

2. Irfan

3. Amiirah

4. Wany

5. Muni

6. Kak Syari

7. Manissa

8. Aqma

Do it whenever you wanted to! O.o


  1. chom, you made law sound just like my kind of thing :P

  2. Wow, I was wrong then... Hahaha :D

  3. hey thanks for the tag, will do it soon as I can. Wow, thought I went into the wrong blog. LOL

  4. and yeah, it's free. It's not like itunes but a peer to peer sharing. I download from other people and other people can download from me that kinda thing.

  5. Haha, I will try it later.. thanks kak syari


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