Cranky Results

Oh God! Whatever did happen to me this time? On one fine Thursday afternoon which is of course also the Labour Day of Malaysia, I got a message telling me that UPU results are already out. So following the instructions told, I messaged back to the UPU's number. And what did I get? Your application was received and is still in the processing, please take note the results will be coming out this May 2008.

ZOMG!? What the heck? Everyone else already got the results. Luckily, one of my homeroom mates messaged me telling that there's a way to check it online. I type the web address, and type my I/C number, and there it was. My result.

Law Foundation at UIAM. What the HECK!?

That wasn't even my first choice, and out of all the sciences courses that I applied, they gave me Law INSTEAD!?

Ya Allah S.W.T! I promised I'll repent, please just get me the damn JPA offer, I don't mind doing law, really, in overseas that is.

Now I'm gonna go and curse the plants and my fishes. Seriously.



  1. it's always fun to maki cats, cuz they'll look at you weird....hehehehhe...

  2. BETUL! eh, why semua budak mrsm dpt uia eh? i got engine. syaz got fizikal. taufiq dpt engine gak. iqbal engine. anne sains hayat.

  3. Aku jer dpt yg lain dr yg lain.. RAYUAN PLEASE!

  4. lol aku dapat uitm
    asasi kejuruteraan
    xleh lari dari MARA dowh...

  5. haha, what is ur first choice then??

    UIAM is my 2nd choice (i was hoping for TESL uitm, but dont hv e luck~). time tu Nana memang mati2 xnak pegi UIA smpai nangis2 dpaksa my parents. but now, here i am, and UIAM is not as bad as i think ^^ (its international level nama pun..), n rase mcm bodoh je dulu membazir air mata x tentu pasal, hehe.

    neway, really hope u will get what ever u want ^^!!

  6. Actually, I did want to go for Law, but at certain circumstances, I don't really wanna go.. :D

  7. eyy. law uia prestigious whaattt.

  8. I know.. Well, going la kut I guess, since bnyk tak nak masuk KMPP

  9. wey UIA okay lah! i think it's d best out of all other local univs (haha berat seblah plak) plus, bkn ko mmg nk law ke? lol. nway, aku dpt UIA jugak. huhu. sains hyt.

  10. Lain campus kan amii? anyway.. tetiba jer aku art stream.. hehehe

  11. law students, after ur foundation, will go to e maincamp at gombak (with me, haha!). as for science students like ur fren, amiirah up there, u'll go to the uia campus in kuantan. still, u'll have ur foundation at the same place, CFS UIA PJ ^^


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