Envious of the Goodness

One night as I was browsing through my internet browser, mind you I use Mozilla Firefox since the Internet Explorer sucks big time with recent updates, I was buzzed through the Yahoo! Messenger by one of my old friends from MJSC and it's been quite a long time since I last talked with him. Not going to miss this golden chance, I quickly seized it. It was good to get the chance to chat with your friends, especially the ones that you had been lost contact with. We reminisce the old days on how hard it was to get up for the Subuh Prayers despite the loud banging of doors made from the student and teachers like. Anyway, this particular friend of mine had enrolled to the MSU, Management and Science University in Malaysia, a private university.

I don't really get it how people would go into private university, especially someone like me, an ordinary boy with no materialistic background. Private university doesn't really convinced me and my family, not saying that the private ones are a bad choice, just that it was way too expensive that normal. Well, they did said private kan? But, that doesn't mater, really. What matters is how I envy the life of a student my dear friend is living right now. He have the freedom to do mostly anything, as long it doesn't affect anyone around him. He got to cook for himself, live in apartments, ride cars to the college and so on. What a life! I hope I could get that kind of student's life. Anyway, good luck to my friend on this coming exams. Haha, students and exams will always mix isn't it?

Tata XD


  1. chom!!go check upu!!!!

  2. I checked it out! And.. the result really wasn't what I wanted


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