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It seems very long off since I last wrote anything other than about the stories. Anyway, I'm not feeling up to it today to write anything about it since I had been out all day having fun with Irfan, check out my blogosphere if you wanna who he is. Anyway, congrats to Amii for passing the JPJ test, and good luck to Syazana who's going for a test tomorrow, I heard. I know it's hard but everyone else had been trough with it so all the best Syazana. I'm so tired after all day of laughing, joking, karaoke-ing and bowling. For more details, I will write about it later, since my other friend left my camera inside Irfan's car, which is a REAL delight for me. (Thanks a LOT! Naim. o.O)

I took some liberty to relax my mind by doing some quizzes which happen to be:

Take this test!
Just like this night shift team supervisor, you'll do whatever it takes to get the job done. You're a natural leader, but you don't let being in charge go to your head. Sure, you often find yourself making tough decisions, but manage to succeed by thinking things through before you act. With that natural intelligence, you thrive on understanding the world around you — which is why it's difficult to let any unsolved case go.

You love to learn and you're great at it, but matters of the heart are much more complicated. Even if you don't always show it, people close to you know you care. Just remember to look up from the microscope once in a while and show them!

Take this test!
Ever get the urge to trick your friends into eating bogey-flavored Every Flavour Beans? Do you laugh when your mates fall off their broomsticks (or, bikes)? No doubt, you're usually the person at the back of the room, not paying attention and cracking jokes — and that's why people love to be around you.

While you're definitely a class clown, you still aren't all laughs at all times. You're loyal and committed and you care deeply for your close friends. Red-haired or not, you've got a charm all your own, and we're willing to bet you have more than one fan club. Wingardium le-VIO-sa!

I know, I know. How come I'm Grissom and Ron Weasley at a time? Come on, this is only some random quizzes that I took. :D

Tata XD


  1. thanks for the wish, but i failed.teehee

  2. Oh.. don't feel bad.. There's always next time..

  3. thaaaanks chom! :)


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