There's Light at the End of the Tunnel pt.4

"The Locus of the Circle can be determined in many ways..." was echoing inside the small room. The Foolish Boy stared blankly at the white board, while his teacher, which was also as round as the drawing on the board, was explaining to the whole class about Circles. The Foolish Boy wasn't really interested in numbers, let alone calculations and formulas.To him, numbers couldn't do the job of explaining something which requires more of the emotional touch. Numbers can't talk. Nor it can express your feelings. Lucky him, he was not the only one who disliked maths. Some of the classmates were also hating it as much the Foolish Boy did. Every time, when it came to the Maths class, the Foolish Boy would put on his half-spirited face on, to mention the class, how he disliked Maths so much. He was more towards, language, verbal and texts. What could be the best way to express your feelings other than pencils and papers? It was, after all, the beginning for another Social Link between the Foolish Boy, the Empress Girl, and the Hermit Girl. Yes, only words were used to form the Social Link between them. Oh, I almost forget. The Empress Lady and the Hermit Girl, was in the same class as the Foolish Boy and the Cool Guy.

"What's with the book, Empress Lady?" the Foolish Boy asked one day, upon setting his eyes on an intriguing book on the Empress Lady's table.

"Oh, it's nothing. Do you want to have a look?" the Empress Lady replied, her face not showing the slightest bit of emotions.

The Foolish Boy nodded as a sign of agreement. He was really curious of what's in the book. People did say you can't be too curious as curiosity killed the cat. But, it's sometimes okay to be the curious cat. You may never knew anything unless you're willing to explore to the unknown, a little bit more. He opened the book, while his heart pumping, racing to keep up to the anxiety level. To his surprise, it was a book with some pencil's or pen's drawing. And there were some words written along with the drawings too. The Foolish Boy didn't know what to say anymore, since he can't comprehend what's the book was all about. He gave a blank look to the Empress Lady, waiting for an explanation for the book, but all the he got was a light nod, indicating, "read on". The Foolish Boy declined, and closed the book. After all, you can't read something you don't really understand, can you?

"Care to elaborate a little more about the book?" the Foolish Boy asked. He was so sure that he would get an answer eventually, if he keeps asking for it.

"Nope,"was all the Empress Lady could reply, and this time with the smile, a smile like a Fox's, full of mysterious and yet it was a warning as well.

Taking the warning seriously, the Foolish Boy backed off and returned to his own place. He was puzzled by the Empress Lady.

"Hey, some deep thinking you got there," a voice came from behind the Foolish Boy. The Foolish Boy turned, and it was the Cool Guy. The Foolish Boy gave a sigh and then smiled.

"I saw you talking to the Empress Lady. What's with her?" the Cool Guy asked. He was puzzled himself.

"Oh, it was nothing." the Foolish Boy said. He didn't want to make it such a big fuss. It was a small misunderstanding.

"I knew her quite well. She goes by with a good reputation here." the Cool Guy whispered to the Foolish Boy. The Foolish Boy was really more intrigued, but again he didn't want to make it such a big fuss. They we're only classmates, and you see classmates weren't the best thing had happened to the Foolish Boy, despite the Cool Guy being his classmates as well.

It's been weeks after the School Representative Election, and the new elected persons were being put off to work. Well, they can't really work on their own, so they would need some underlings to go by under them and the Foolish Boy happened to be one of those who would wanted to be the underlings. Talk about some underlings wannabe. And it also happened to be that, two of his friends are chosen to be in the School Representative, which makes it all more difficult since the Foolish Boy had to choose to work with between the two of his friends. One was the Big Boy, whom the Foolish Boy really loved his company more than anyone else. The other one was the Timid Boy, who he had been friends for quite some time now. And this Timid Boy, despite of his small size, he was emitting this aura of mysteriousness and yet full of it's own smell of serenity. The choosing was hard, since, 4 Bureaus were claiming the right for the Foolish Boy and he had to decide quickly. In the end, he chose the Timid Boy's bureau. And it was the start for an another new Social Link between the Foolish Boy and the Timid Boy. The Timid Boy was the boss and also a friend for the Foolish Boy, yet he would take that advantage to play it cool around the Timid Boy. They're friends. It's what friends do to let the other friend knew that he was happy for them.

It was late August or June evening, or whatever it is, the Timid Boy came into the Foolish Boy room and laid on the bed next to the Foolish Boy. The Timid boy was whispering something, and he was making it real obvious that he didn't want anyone to hear what he has to say. He whispered, and the whisper was so silent that you would be thinking, only air that came out from his mouth. It was very silent, since all of the Foolish Boy room mates were either asleep or outside, doing some jogging.

"W-Wh-What?! Why her?!" The Foolish Boy exclaimed, breaking off the silent.

"I know, I know, but please keep an eye on her for a friend of mine" was all the Timid Boy could answer.

"What I'm supposed to look at?! Her appearance? Her deeds?" the Foolish Boy, confused upon what the Timid Boy had had asked.

"Geez, you sure like to speak so loudly! Keep it down, man. I don't want people to hear this." the Timid Boy was looking around the room. He was making sure that the Laughter Boy was sleeping, so that he can be sure that his secrets were safe.

"You do know that messing around with rules aren't good for your reputation. I'm warning ya. Sooner or later people will know." The Foolish Boy could only warned his friend. He would not do anything to stop it of course, since it was the Timid Boy's sole decision.

"Please, it's not for me, but for a friend of mine." the Timid Boy said, and this time, he was pressing on the words "a friend of mine".

That night, the Foolish Boy started his mission, a mission to help his friend, whose helping someone's secret. And this all was supposed to be secret. What mess was he involving in?

Secrets. Secrets was the last thing that the Foolish Boy would like to involved in.

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