There's Light at the End of the Tunnel pt.3

It was the school mid term holidays, when the Foolish Boy decided to really stay in the school for the rest of his schooling days. What had made him to decide such an important decision? After all, the Foolish Boy disliked the school as much as he disliked the Crowd in there. He never ever despised anyone or anything as much as he disliked the school, not since his hatred for the idea of people who are born in such ways are destined to do such ways. It's bare naked ridiculous. How could you believe in such ways? Well, back on to the main story, the Foolish Boy made up his decision mostly based on one most influential person recently in his life. It was all thanks to the Cool Guy, which had changed his perception towards the Crowd forever. But at the same time, he had already made lots of friends already. The Laughter boy was with him from the start, joined by the Happy Boy, and later by the Talkative Boy, The Loud Boy, The Flexi Boy, and The Bigger Boy and not to mention some of the friends from the opposite gender, such as the Mask Girl, and the Happening Girl. And of course, there will always be the Cool Guy. The Foolish Boy was so sure of himself, or is it?

It's time to leave the beloved house once again. The Foolish Boy didn't felt a thing only a surge of happiness blessed with the drops of friendship. He just can't wait to go back to the school and rejoined his friends. What could be more fun when having the time of his life with his friends? Oh really? That doesn't count when you put friends first. :D Anyway, back to the main story. He arrived at his room and like always, with the Laughter Boy, since they lived at the same place., so they would always return home together. It was the start of the new term and rumors spread on how the classes would be reassembled again. Oh boy, poor fellow. Now, the Foolish Boy had to be extra careful not to be placed in the same class as those of the Rough Fellows from the Crowd. He wouldn't want the the Rough Fellows as his classmates, since the rumors were quite true. They are somehow not the group you should really mingle with. After all, when you did something wrong or bad before, people will keep punishing you by talking about it all over again. Not a chance was given to repent all the misdeeds. Humans, they all are very judging. And this no exception for the Foolish Boy, since he was judging hard on the Rough Fellows.

Like always in the story and any other real life, the door to the Foolish Boy's room seemed to be opened so suddenly without a knock or two first. We all hate it when your mother or brother open up the door without knocking up first. But the case was different for the Foolish Boy. He would always welcome those harsh ways of opening his room's door. After all, he could always guess the culprit who opened it. It must had been the Cool Guy, doing his extra chores, since the Foolish Boy and The Cool Guy had become real close, as friends. Well, who can blame someone so spoiled like the Foolish Boy to feel really affectionate and dependent for the Cool Guy, since it was the Cool Guy's fault that the Foolish Boy wanted to stay so much anyway. And the important reason why the Foolish Boy felt so, was that he was lacking the attention from his parents. The Foolish Boy knew something had went missing, and thus he quickly found a drink to quench his thirst for affection. And it happened to be the Cool Guy, who had offered the drink. This drink was purely, the drink of friends. There was nothing more of it, and nothing less of it. You know, the feeling when you loved your brothers and your sisters so much whenever they bought you something or helped you with the school work? That's the genuine feeling that the Foolish Boy felt whenever he's with the Cool Guy.

"Hey you! You're already back!" the Cool Guy said standing at the door. He walked to the Foolish Boy bed and sat on it roughly. The cracking sound was heard throughout the room.

"Yes, I didn't knew you were expecting me," the Foolish Boy said coolly. He looked at the watch on his hands. It was 4.30 p.m

There was an awkward moment of silence.

"You know something! We're in the same class this semester!" the Cool Guy said, with a smile on his face. He was obviously happy with it, and not showing any efforts to hide it.

"Really?! I wasn't expecting that." the Foolish Boy said. He didn't knew what kind of expression should he put up on his face this time.

"We're gonna have so much fun time as classmates!" the Cool Guy replied, and this time looking extremely pleased.

"Really? And what kind of fun is that?" the Foolish Boy said, expecting a satisfying answer.

"Well, I don't really know yet!First things first. You're the president!" the Cool Guy replied and sat up. He walked towards the door and grinned. The grin was a sign of, "I meant it!".

Panic by the sudden election, the Foolish Boy asked "Why me!?" He didn't want any more attention than he already had now.

"Well..." he left the room with another grin.

The Laughter Boy looked at the Foolish Boy. The look was given such as the Foolish Boy was doing the worst mistake ever.

"How could you let him decide things for you?" the Laughter Boy asked, puzzled and obviously dissatisfied with just what had happened.

"Well, I can't really describe it. Just let me be for now." the Foolish Boy replied while hanging back his clothes inside his locker. For the rest of the evening, it was all silence for those two. There was nothing more to be said.

The class of the new semester is starting soon. What could the Foolish Boy do now?


  1. who on earth is Cool Guy???!

  2. i think i have an inkling, but let's not spoil the excitement eh chom? :D

  3. Hmm? It seems someone knows something..

  4. oh yes i'm good with clues. haha. takpe chom, my opinion, i'll keep to myself. does my acknowledgement seems threatening to yah?

    don't. :)

  5. Hmm, let's see.. a little bit of drama doesnt hurt.. is it?


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