There's Light at the End of the Tunnel pt.2

The stories are true and might differ on what I remembered on certain events. I might not be able to really describe a certain event well, since, my lack of focus on such events, such as the Principal giving speech or so on, where you could find me talking or half asleep during such events. Names are not mention in order to protect the individuals that involves in my story. Thank you.

The next day, the Foolish Boy woke up early, anticipating the arrival of his family. He can't keep it down, he needs to know when his family is gonna be there. Never mind that now though, since the Foolish boy needed to attend the Students' Orientation. The Foolish boy was feeling afraid this time, since he is going to meet some new people that he doesn't know at all. Why did this has to happen to the Foolish Boy? Poor fellow. Pity fellow. Mustering all the courage he barely had left, the Foolish Boy braved trough the crowd and into the Grand Hall of the school. There, he spotted his friend, the Laughter Boy, but they have to be separated since they belong to different homerooms. With a half-dead expression on his face, the Foolish Boy walked towards the President of his homeroom. They barely knew each other. But the genuine smile the Homeroom President gave was embracing him. Later that day, they introduced themselves among the homeroom members, and from there, the Foolish Boy knew that the Homeroom President is called the Happy Boy. The Foolish boy could only smile sheepishly since he was reluctant to talk to anybody.

And the night came when they needed to decide on what to do on some "Stupid Show" for the coming Orientation night. The Foolish Boy gathered with the other homeroom members and was still reluctant to talk to anybody. After all, he was waiting for his parent to come. Until then, the Foolish boy's mouth was sealed. Then it's decided that the Foolish Boy's homeroom need to combine with two other homerooms. But it didn't bother the Foolish boy at all, since he heard that his parents were already there in his school compounds. The Foolish boy felt a little relieved, and will be really relieved when he got to see his parents, but not until later. He needed to face this new crowd. What to do? What to say? Poor boy. Pity boy. And while the Foolish Boy sitting on his chair, not talking to anyone, letting those who can talk decide, a voice came from nowhere.

"Hey you! What's your name?" the Unknown boy said, half smiling, half grinning.

The Foolish boy stared long at the Unknown boy. Is he talking to the Foolish Boy, or asking someone else next to him? The Foolish boy looked left and right, but there's no one there. The devilish smile were still on the Unknown boy's face. A little bit worried and shy, the Foolish Boy opened his mouth for the first time that night.

"My name is @*&$*^@." the Foolish boy replied curtly. He didn't want to talk to anyone right now. He wanted to pass the night, wanting no attention.

"Well, my name is $&#@#*&). Let's help them." the Unknown boy smiled again and this time, the Foolish boy felt secured.

The Foolish boy only nodded, and stand up. They join up with the rest and started to help bit by bit. The Foolish Boy decided to call the Unknown boy, a new name. The Cool Guy. Well, it does suit him, for certain matters count. It was the first time the Foolish Boy had met someone as nice as the Cool Guy. Well, the Foolish Boy, didn't bother much since, it may be the last time they would spoke again. After the practice, the Foolish boy quickly left the Grand Hall, and met up with his parents. He convinced really hard to his parents, to let him go back. But Father was saying no while Mother is getting angrier on the act which the Foolish Boy had pulled. The Foolish boy still failed to convinced them and his parents had decided that he needs to try to stay for a few weeks. If he still can't make it by then, maybe the Foolish boy parents will rethink about it. Well, there's no use for the Foolish Boy to get his hopes as high as the moon, since, he knew deep inside that his parents aren't taking it seriously.

And then came the first day of school. The Foolish Boy woke up as usual, starting to feel a little better and all thanks to the Laughter Boy and the Cool Guy. Especially the Cool Guy. You see, the first time the Foolish Boy stepped inside the school, he disliked the Crowd who's already in the school. Why you may ask? They are self-righteous idiots that are too snobbish for their own good. That's the first impression that sticked on the Foolish Boy's mind until he met the Cool Guy. Since the Cool Guy was one of the Crowd, the Foolish Boy thought of him to be a little bit different from the rest of the Crowd. Well, it's hard to see one of the Crowd to smile at you for the your first day here. Back to the school, it was nothing since he was in the same class with the others in the Other Crowd. Each day passes, and the Foolish Boy started to feel much more better than he was when he first entered the school. And little did the Foolish Boy knew that he might be getting more attention then he was supposed to.Some time later, all was dark again for the Foolish Boy when the Warden decided to mix the Crowd with the Other Crowd rooms, so that each room will have the Crowd and the Other Crowd. Oh well, the Foolish Boy wasn't that afraid anymore, since the Laughter Boy is moving in too.

On one fine evening, the Foolish Boy laid on the bed, thinking nothing but the holidays coming. The door to the Foolish Boy's room opened and there was the Cool Guy, doing his regular chores of visiting other rooms. The Foolish Boy just looked at the Cool Guy and turned away, thinking back of the holidays coming. The Cool Guy, pretending not to see the the Foolish Boy, went ahead to talk to the other room mates.The Foolish Boy's room mate, The Round Boy was a little bit displeased with the Cool Guy's visit, so does the other room mate, the Cold Boy. The Foolish Boy was taking a peek at what the Cool Guy was doing since he can't be too sure what kind of man this Cool Guy is. The Laughter Boy reminded the Foolish Boy to be cautious when making friends. He's right though. You can't be too sure these days. Then bored of what he was doing, the Cool Guy came to the the Foolish Boy's bed and sat on it. The Foolish Boy looked hard at the Cool Guy and said nothing. His mouth was frozen to say anything at all.

"What are you doing on your bed? You should get out and get some sun," the Cool Guy said smiling.

".....I don't feel like it," replied the Foolish Boy. He didn't want any company right now. The Laughter Boy was more than enough to keep him company.

"Oh well, it's your loss then. It's beautiful out there." the Cool Guy said as he sat up and went straight for the door. The Foolish Boy was kind of puzzled by the Cool Guy acts. This is one bothersome guy he had ever met before.

"Thanks, but not today," was all the Foolish Boy could think of.

And from that day and on, the Cool Guy would repeat his visits, doing the same chores by talking to the other room mates and then to the Foolish Boy.

This may be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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