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Hehe, I really have to give the credits to TM again this time for their swift actions, repairing the cable back AGAIN. I don't know why some crooks need to steal the cable, exactly in front of my house, and exactly in my neighbourhood? Come on lah! What if the same thing happens to you, the thieves and what if there's an emergency? Some one's life is on the line and you are the one who cuts the telephone cable away for some extra cash, that I seriously doubt will last that long. Anyway, listening to my father's advice, the technicians remove the foot holders on the pole so that the stealer couldn't climb it. I hope this action will solve the matter and no more cable is stolen ever again, well at least not in my neighbourhood. So, there won't be any outages, I hope. (outages? is it correct? :S)

Anyway, my little niece had came back from her journey to Kelantan. She looks kinda the same just the hair looks a little longer than before. Haha, the first thing that she did when she arrived here was watching her all-time favourite TeleTubbies, from the same episode. I just let her do it though.

Tata XD


  1. naseb baik ur TM ppl berdedikasi.

  2. They did gave a warning, the next time there will be no replacements. Reason, they didn't get any cooperation from us? Come on! Are we supposed to keep watch all day long?


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