Well, it's kinda too late to even mention it, but I might as well say it. The price of oil had increased in Malaysia and it's about 40% of increment we're talking about. I'm not talking about stale news, it's just suddenly came to my mind, that I am somehow utterly bothered by this fact. Although I am no driver, no worker, and still clinging to my parents for source of money, I am still bothered by this unruly truth. After the oil increment, soon afterwards, everything will start to follow as a result of the first increment. Everything started to get a little pricey again, and recently I read the papers about how express bus tickets had increased about 30% right after the oil price increment. Talk about express reaction. The food price also did went up which I'm sure some of the sellers are taking advantage upon us, users and buyers, since some of us didn't know the real facts. It's not a shame for me to admit that I am scared, scared of knowing what will happen sooner or later. The global warming is just another thing that bothers me. The truth really are something, isn't it? And I'm not even doing something about it, well maybe I did something, by reducing my air conditioner usage. Slowly I will somehow turns to conventional way of cooling yourself. It's non other, the fan. Well, it's not only CFC's who contributed to what happened. Factories, cars and so on.

This things had already happened for quite some time now and it took us quite a while to notice it happened, or were we just turning a blind eye upon it, making our mind at peace again? That I can't really tell. What I can tell is that our earth is suffering, and I know it won't last that long. Talking is easy, I know. But I am going to do something about it. Maybe by starting to reduce my aircond usage. It's not that much to help, I know. But at least I am doing something, not going to lose without a fight. I hope we would find a way to survive in our dying world of our own. The oil is coming to a depletion and the global warming is really tackling us apart. Let's find a way, somehow.


  1. future is bleak.

  2. Dont say that syazana.. I have high hopes for the future..!


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