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Actually, when you got too much free time, you start to wonder, where all the time had gone off to? And when you had so little time to do your activities, you too will start to wonder where all the time had flew off to? Why would we, humans feel that way even though we are doing our daily routines with our eyes open and our mind critically sharp and yet, we failed to grasp the little details that make the whole picture shines a little brighter? I only know how to ask questions and not how to find answers for myself. You see, when I am so busy fitting in my school, I forgot to realise the most important thing. This may seem to be quite lame and stale, but still, I think it's the utmost urgent for me to tell it so that they could understand. While I was browsing the Friendster, I stumbled upon one of my friends page. I really didn't know I am quite a something to him.
akmal plak tquih menghilangkan diri, p mrsm langkawi..huhu, my bestest friend sampai tingkatan 3..i credit my success in my pmr examinations to him..tanpa beliau, xmungkin aku berjaya..tenkz! - Anwar
Well, I'm so sorry that our friendship lasts till Form 3, it's kinda my fault for not telling you that I was going. I hope it'll lasts forever but it's kinda too late to say that huh? You see, I had a hard time fitting in MRSM if you must know. I had to cope with the studies, the social circle and new friends with different attitudes to boot. And the biggest reason I couldn't, more like wouldn't contact you guys is that, it's such a long time that I've gone somewhere else, and it would be extremely awkward for me to say "Salam, ampa suma buat pa tu?!" all of sudden without getting that look, you know, THAT look.

I'm a NO-GOOD friend. Well, at least I tried to be a better one, if there is a next time.

And congratulations to Radzi Abd Rahman for his new blog. Well, it's nothing to celebrate to, but still I'm doing it. Nomadic Aksara, a tittle which I'm trying to figure it out myself (you can't blame poetics these days, they have a mind of their own). Radzi, or Aji, a shorter version of his name, is a good friend of mine. Replying to his latest posts,

chom: 'dah buat medical checkup?'
aku: 'apa pon blom'
baik buat, nnti cuti snang. kau dh buat? - untuk chom

For Aji, I've only done the Mantoux Test, the rest depends on Ayah actually.

Anyway, Welcome to the Blogger World!

Tata XD

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