Changes are made for the better?

Is it that hard to really change? I don't think so. It's the people around you who wouldn't let you. Those sinister looks, their almost grinning smile, and best of all, if they got the juicy bits of you, they wouldn't just let it go out of your mind. I wonder, if I could ever make the wronged go right once again. Yeah, everyday I prayed for the Lord to bless with me such devotedly feelings towards Him, and not a single day passed without I'm praying for the better change. And yet people wouldn't let it off you. It's just the surface what matters now is it? Go humour yourself with such stories, stories which the truth and lies mixed all together. You'll never know the truth, no one does and it will stay that way.

I thought we were friends, a good one to. Friends help other friends change, and it always had been that way. I'm so sorry if I had ever wronged you. Well, it just saddens me that I won't be able to forget anything while I'm with you, can I?

I'm a human. I need to forget, so I could move on.

Please help.


  1. boleh brubah. mana ltak kmahuan, dn kkuatan kmahuan itu.

    aku sokong kau. slmt brubh.. yang lma smpan, jgn lpa. heh. :)

  2. "one doesnt need to convince anyone if one is in the right. only Allah Taala, but He already knows. Quran - and the servants of ArRahman walk the earth with humility and when the ignorants confront them they just say 'salam'! "

    i dont know if its relevant haha just relating it to you. my dad gave it to my mum and she gave it to me and in turn i'm giving it to you. :))

    have faith.

  3. hey i love your blog. can i link you? (;
    sorry cause i wrote here. i can't used your tagboard. it doesn't work in my laptop.

  4. Thanks Guys! :D That helps a lot.

    Aidiora, ok.. i'll link you too!


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