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Breathe in and breathe out. Okay, no more sad stories from now on. I'm looking on the bright side from this moment and on. Haha :D

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Taking life as it comes is the vacation style that suits your laidback family best. With your casual approach and fun-loving attitude, you'd rather see where the road takes you than map out an entire outing to the last letter.

While flying by the seat of your pants isn't for everyone, you and your clan probably enjoy the excitement and flexibility it offers. After all, spontaneity makes life that much spicier. Sure, there's a time and a place for planning, but life's more relaxing — and fun — when you're not rushing around or limiting your options. So forget the ETAs and ETDs and just be prepared to go with the flow. You'll most likely end up in an entirely unexpected place, which is what makes your vacations so memorable year after year. Happy trails!

Another quiz done today, just that it's quite unrelated. What do you mean I'm spontaneous when it comes to traveling? Oh well, it doesn't matter since I rarely travels for holiday vacations. :D

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