Killing Me Slowly

My computer is killing, if not, torturing me real damn slowly. Urgghh, can't you just imagine how I'm supposed to draw my graphics on the photoshop and at the same time looking up on tutorials about how you could make a picture looked old? It just utterly slow. Well, can't really blame anyone though, since my computer is bought in what year, 2000, or 2001 or something. It's quite a good companion until recently that it kept hanging own its own! I need to do change the RAM ASAP. But seeing that the computer uses an old motherboard which will and most definitely will cost me a fortune if not, my mother's, compared to a new motherboard, which will only cost around RM 70 for a 1GB RAM. Oh, how I envy my brother's new computer. Windows Vista, Intel Dual Core 2 Duo, 2 GB worth of RAM and nVIDIA graphics enforced. What else could I asked for?

Anyway, mother had promised to buy me a laptop, so I won't be bothered by this old computer no more. But after saying all that just now made me realise. All this time I've been posting the posts on this blog, chatting on the Yahoo! messenger and other various internet communications, I did using this computer. So, yep this computer had done great to me despite it have minimal capability. Maybe if I start working, I'll bought my own powerful computer and from there I'll be able to play online games again, the ones that demand extreme graphics and so on. Now if only the living expenses never raised. :D

Tata XD

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