Lucid Dreams

Wonder if you could change and control your own dreams? what would it be? Flying up high in the sky so that you could see the whole earth? Went traveling to all the beautiful places in the whole world? Or even, have a date with that superstar that you had a crush on? Lucid Dreaming, a type of sleep behavior promises a complete control of your own dreaming days, or nights.

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After hours of reading and reading from How Stuff Works, I found out that dreams have many types and there is a type where you could control what you do in it. Just like a director in your own film, you can direct how some scenes or people behaves in your dream.

Ever had a dream, a dream when you realise that you are dreaming, like you're awake, in a dream? Let's put it in simpler terms. You are dreaming one night and you realise that you're dreaming at that very exact moment. Referring to How Stuff Works, there's an exact moment of clarity that you can't, for example, possibly be seeing someone deceased, since he or she had already died and that's when you realised that you are dreaming. There's also people mentioning they dream of seeing themselves sleeping or doing things. According to the researchers, they are called Out-of-Body Experience, an experience such a person is seeing himself as if he's located somewhere outside of it.

So, what exactly is a LUCID DREAM?

Think of your normal dreams, the bizarre plots and non-narrative structure that leaves you scrambling for words to try to explain it to a friend. Now put yourself back in the dream but imagine the details. You're flying through the air, but you can look at the clouds and the ground below, feel the wind whooshing against your skin, smell the clean air. And in the dream, you think, "I'm dreaming that I'm flying."
- HowStuffWorks
The ultimate idea of lucid dreaming is total control of your own dream. In your own dreams, you could consciously order you own inner mind of theater to do anything that you wanted, exactly as you wanted. Let's say you wanted to go so much to Venice, Italy, (maybe after watching some scenes from a movie or a travel guide show) your dreaming self would obey your own "waking mind".

There are many ways of getting one. You could try recording your own dreams in a book, or napping which a process of waking up early and sleeping back after 30 minutes. This would blur the border of waking up, and dreaming, making Lucid Dreams possible.

Credits: HowStuffWorks

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