Obnoxiously Obvious

Today, is just like another normal days, added up with the NO-ACTIVITIES again as usual. I'm feeling tired despite the fact that I just sit up in front of the television and played some games. Maybe it's time for me to play a real game instead, you know those games where people move here and there a lot. And if you were talking to me about games, I'm more than happy to elaborate about my game collections, and not the real athletes game. Call me hodge-podge, but I still don't take serious interest in games, except for badminton and bowling. Sometimes it irritates me when people asked why I'm not into football? Then they would assume the WORST thing they could think of. Come on people, IS THERE WRITTEN ANYWHERE THAT A MAN MUST WATCH AND TOOK INTEREST OF FOOTBALL SO THAT THEY CAN BE A FULL FLEDGE MAN?! The answers are obvious. I don't dislike football, just not interested, thanks to vast number of teams out there making me hard to choose which club to support. That's why I don't bother at all if Chelsea lose, or Man U wins. So, spare me the oh-look-at-him-he-doesn't-watch-football-so-that makes-him-a-weirdo look.

If you do something slightly out of the normality, that doesn't make you a totally queer person. Besides, being normal is too boring for me. So, rid off the stigma where people think that football makes a man. I don't think so, and oh well, I'm not the type to really bother what other people say, so I might just ignore them bluntly.

Does that answer you, Mr. Smartypants?


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