Envy Me Not

Seems to some people, the idea of having a college like Taylor's to further my study, is fulfilling and something that should be envied by other sponsored students who'd happened to end up in other random colleges. Yes, I know Taylor's College is a prestigious college for a non-government college. It may be because they offered too much for their own students, in return they would want us to give them back good results in order to maintain their own good name.

I know we are in the center of the city but please think back about this. We have so much temptation just to attend our own class, such as Star Bucks and Mc Donald's which conveniently placed in front of our college. I know it's easy to say when you have everything within your reach. Just to let you know, no matter where you were placed, whether in the center of the city, or the outskirts of the district, you have to accept it gladly because we all go to the same level of institution with the same objective; to pursue our dreams by learning.

Another quiz to fill in my day:


Being Alone

Sure, it might not be a medical diagnosis, but it seems like you're the type who might break into hives when forced to spend unwanted time alone. There's just something about togetherness that you crave. In fact, being with friends and family makes you feel most comfortable.

Maybe it's your gregarious nature, maybe you just like to have company, or maybe you have so much to share that you need others around to absorb your knowledge and enthusiasm. Regardless of what you love about being one-on-one or in a group, one thing seems clear, you can feel a little sickly when you're on your own.

It seems I'm allergic to being lonely although I had been denying this fact almost every time when someone ask me. :D

Tata XD

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