Envy me, won't you?

Haha, haha, haha, to those who aren't satisfied with how things are set up in our lives. It never ever crossed my mind to boast what ever I have and owned. NEVER. NADA. But when you shared your happiness, sincerely sharing tits and bits of it, and somehow is mistaken to be boasting about it, it kinda makes you feel, SATISFIED. And I'm telling to those who thinks that they are a greater kind of species than me simply just that they have a slimmer physique and a lot of girlfriends to spare, makes them a whole new, cool kind of breed. Well, lemme tell you something. I don't care about your slim physique, since I'm not bothered at all. I don't give a damn with your endless relationships with girls, simply I know it won't last at all. So, get off me and start living a life. I know you would like one. And yeah, it's too bad that your institution and your hostel doesn't rocks like ours. Simply you aren't fortunate enough. So get a LIFE, get a FRIEND, and start living it to the fullest. And yeah, I don't envy you.

It applies to those who keep misunderstanding me from being honestly happy to ungratefully boastful.

So a long update after many days of absence, right?

Well, our orientation week started at 14th July where most of SAM students gathered. Not much could be said except that there are lots of talks on how to save your ka-ching, (money, it is useful, in a way. But I can't simply be bothered since I'm busy with asking seniors where is the cheapest food that you could get around Taylor's :D). Lots of sponsorship bodies here, mainly from JPA and MARA. Some of them are Sime Darby, Bank Negara and Telekom. JPA students are doing law and accounting here while the MARA and the other sponsorship bodies are doing Medical, Biotechnology and Engineering.

It's a fun week to be exact but it can be tiring as well. You know something? I have to walk like half a kilometer just to find a cheap, decent food plus halal la. And to get to the nearest masjid, I won't mention about it at all. (IT IS DAMN FAR LAH) Anyway, my hostel(not hostel to be exact, it's a condominium) is cool (mainly I own a single room :D) and the house mates are nice. But then again, food is the problem here. It's hard to get tasty food without the price to be "tasty" as well. Who said life is not fair? We have to pay exactly what we got. Damn right.

Anyway, I haven't taken photos much. Later maybe I'll be uploading it soon. So bye-bye for right now.

Tata XD

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  1. ceh, not bothered by money tapi dok komplen kat atas pasal duit nak mkn. baiknyer kita orng yek hahahahaha


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