It's Casa Subang, where (new intake) Taylorians live.

Haha, I promised you guys that I'll update some pictures real soon right? Well, I did took a few pictures here and there, just to proof my existence here in the college (not that I'm having trouble to do so. LOL) . Anyhow, classes started a little bit slow since it's only the introductions and mostly of the students haven't bought the books yet. It's too pricey, even for foundation studies. Tomorrow it's gonna be real hectic since teachers are planning to give assignments to us. Mr. VJ ,the lecturer for Legal Studies is going to let us do the Civil Participation Task, where I need to do a report about a legal case, which in this case I'm going for homeless people. You know something? America have been facing this problem for over than 2 decades already. And same goes for England and Australia. One thing I know for sure is that, house prices are sky-rocketing really fast in England. Can't wait to mention about the topic to Mr. VJ. I wanna know what he'd think about the topic. Curious, curious, curious.

That's Ms. Chow, our economics lecturer.

Irwan and Aisar, waiting for classes to start.

Radzi "Ray", Ayie and Lokman

Shaukat, Ridzuan (did I spell it right?) and Shafiq @ our own "Street Fest"

Also joining us are Hilal and Faiz

Let's just leave at that, shall we? Recently, in Taylor's, the Kelab Bina Insan had organized what they call a Street Fest. We went there with a bus and on the bus I met new people, new and interesting people. Especially the ICPU Veterinary girl. Sorry, I forgot the name! Yeah it's on the streets, but it's definitely not a fest. A few friends and me went there around 8 p.m just to find the foods were already finished and what's left was just the orange drink. So there's loud music, still it's not that fun, but they had done their best, so I must give them thanks for their heartiest effort into it. Well, we do have our own Street Fest at McDonald's that is. It's really entertaining when you ate with lots of people especially with your friends. At that very night, I took a bus straight back to Kedah to buy me a new laptop, since assignments are gonna start flowing in soon.

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  1. did you have a great time at McD..?? tgk laa sape ajak in the first place... haha . XD


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