On Halt

I'm posting from Kerteh, Terengganu. Why is that when I'm supposed to be in Subang Jaya right now? The truth is, I ran away from the Taylor's College. Nah, just kidding. Haha :D Actually, the orientation won't start until this coming Monday which is 14th July, and I will be free during that one week period to do anything as I please, just that I won't be able to do so, since I'm not really good with directions and transportation. So, I decided to follow Kak Ifa home which is why I'm here right now and luckily Kak Ifa had subscribed to Celcom Broadband, which is a big relief for me. Don't blame me for being an heavy Internet user. And thinking about that, I feel quite uneasy to stay at the new place since I can't connect to the Internet without having a laptop. Oh talk about discomforting. I don't mind having a single bed and I also don't mind not having an aircond in my bedroom, just I can't bear not having an Internet connection! Need a laptop ASAP.

It's the Taylor's College compound.

In front of Taylor's College.

Okay, enough of my own suffering, let's talk about what's there in Taylor's. In front of my college, in a row, there's a Mc Donald and also the Starbucks(like I'm going into one for a sip of coffee for the price of RM 12.00.) And there are cafes, rich kids cafe I would call it. And according to Abang Khairul, the whole area is quite an expensive area to live in. I seriously need to starve a little bit just to get by. -_-||| Well, I'll try my best to. Anyway, not much that I know currently since there's no orientation yet. Well, the compound is quite nice anyway.

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