The View Above

This is the view from my "hostel" in Subang Jaya, which is the 20th floor of Casa Subang. Mind you, that the unit is still new so, a lot of cleaning needs to be done since the floors are damn dirty and the toilet is quite unsastifactory to be used as well. Ok, lets put them aside first. Casa Subang offers the student a swimming pool, various kind of courts, a bakery, an unisex hair saloon and also it is near Mydin, Giant, and also The Summit. Talk about easy reach of things. How convinient! Just that it is quite far from the college itself. 20-30 minutes of bus ride to the Taylor's College. I need to ride the bus at about 7.45 a.m and leaves for the hostel at about 3.00 p.m. Now all that is left is to clean up the unit and also learn to move around Subang Jaya using all those public transports. I'm not used to public transport to get by, since in Alor Star, they didn't offer the same thing, so I get by using cars. :D Anyway, I'm going to Sunway Piramid later.


  1. gerak guna apa pon, mata ttap pling pnting. heh.

  2. Mata apa yg pnting plak?

  3. mata hati dan mata kepala. :)


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