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Yesterday, a few friends and me went to Bangi, or rather UKM, since someone had invited us to come to her house for some BBQ. We went, five of us, walk to Summit and waited for RapidKL to Subang Jaya KTM station. From there we took the KTM to KL Central. Ok, ok, I'm not going on into details of how to get to Bangi, just want to explain what happened.

At UKM station, we met some old friends, especially my old classmates. I really miss them, even the most annoying one. :D So, we do some reminisce and we talked and talked about what are we currently pursuing in our career. Most of them were quite surprise that I was into law and legal stuffs. They know I hate History the most. Oh well, people will start to like something or someone if there were exposed to it bit by bit kan? But, I do know that I like legal studies so much. Ok, back to the story.

We arrived at the designated place. Met up with some more old friends.

Boy 1: What are you doing now?

Me: Legal studies and blah blah blah

Boy 1: Aren't you taking Medic?

Me: ..... *speechless*

Another conversation with a girl.

Girl 1: What did you get for SPM?

Me: Well, just 8A's and blah blah blah

Girl 1: Why didn't you apply for medic?!

Me: ...... *speechless*

Another yet, monotonic conversation.

Girl 2: Why did you take Law?

Me: I think I like law lah.

Girl 2: You think?

Me: *deep thought* Yes kot..

Let me clarify something. I like law and medic isn't the only choice I had there back then. So, stop saying things like, "legal.....chom....?"

And I asked the others if they wanted to go back already. And one of them frankly said.

"Let's sleep here tonight?"

I was shocked. This wasn't like anything I had planned. I need to settle lots and lots of assignments and maybe Ray was right. I should have brought the laptop with me.

Skipping the process to KTM UKM, I took the last train to KL central and from there I took the last train to Pelabuhan Kelang. I was afraid that I won't be able to make it but luckily I did.

I texted Ray,

"Dah naik dah laluan pelabuhan kelang"

No reply.

Well, I can't blame anyone since I did want to go, but I didn't expect to stay at the house. So sorry for the inconveniences that I had caused.


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