Mixed? Surely not.

A few days ago, I went to the library with the other classmates, to do the research for accounting presentation. Nothing much to do there other then read back the part which I'm suppose to present. Anyway, we were so obsessed with doing our work that we were quite late to go to then next class which is the ESL class. I grabbed my things and dashed quickly to the lockers to get my bag and documents. There, someone asked me something, an unknown person, which somehow looked like a friend of mine at previous school. I am sure that this girl is a SAM student.

Anyway here it goes.

Unknown girl: Hey, chom right?

Me: Uhuh, that's me.

Unknown girl: What's your name real name then?

Me: Oh? It's Akmal. A-K-M-A-L.

Unknown girl: Oh, Akmal... Are you mixed or something?

Me: Ha? Mixed? I'm all Malay lah.

Unknown girl: Oh..

Mixed? Surely not lah. Do I looked like a mixed person to you?

I left the conversation till there since I was going to be real late to the next class.

And when I arrived at the class, everyone was already on their way out to go to the library to some issue analysis assignment. Talk about serious luck.

Anyhow, I enjoyed some more at the library. Haha.

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