Genting. With a Capital G

Yes! I went to Genting today! Finally, I was able to reach Genting and of course it is all thanks to Taylor's since it's a free trip. (If it's not, you won't see me there :P) I woke up unusually early today and was really excited about the whole trip. We, my friends and me, went down and register our names with this Chinese Uncle with his eccentric Chinese slang.

Uncle: Name please!

Friend: Izudin.

Uncle: Izudin ar? Coach A! Next!

Me: Its..

Friends: Chom, chom.

Uncle: Arr? Chong ar? Coach C! Neextt..

Me: No, no, it's Akmal!

Uncle: Oh, Akmarr ar? Coach A! Neexxxtt!

It was like waiting to get your meals in the PLKN, not like I went there. Anyway, we arrived at around 9 a.m. ++ something and it was kinda cold that morning. Everyone was there, and it was fun to have your friends there and except for a few who didn't make it and went to Charity Day to help the unpriviledged kids. To you guys, I salute you. :D

Anyhow, here are the some pictures that I have taken.

The Flying Madness.

I can't believe I rode that.

The Old Double Decker Bus.

I was craving for these.

We were going home.

It's me and Shafiq, the rest is following us.

The Fun-Kart.

You can't believe me, can't you? Hehe :D

I rode the Flying/Gliding Coaster. It was fun but too bad I closed my eyes through out the ride. Speed and height are not my cup of tea. Although, it was fun racing the Go-Kart, but it's just kinda slow and I was beaten by an auntie. Goodness. I felt like a stupid to lose to an auntie.

Overall, it was fun. The food is something to crave for! Hehe :D

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