Plagiarism, please don't hit me hard.

A week before, my mind and head are spinning like mad. God only knows why. I got loads of work from most of my subjects and it really, really test me out as a student. But I kinda love it, since I get to type something and maybe even to express my own personal opinion about what I'm typing. It feels like when you went in to a restaurant and you asked for the cook to change the way they cook.

Okay, I know. Doesn't make sense.

And one thing that I really hate the most was the teachers all wanted the essays and assignments to be plagiarised-free. Impossible, is it? A friend of mine YMed me and told me about this super awesome website on detecting plagiarism. Cool isn't it? Anyway, to any one of you who need to check your work, all you guys have to do is, go to the website, and sign up.

Free plagiarism detection

You guys can upload your work, in the form of .txt and .doc and do a deep or light analysis on your work. Then, they will tell you how much of your work is taken from the websites and so on. It's just that simple and it's also free.

Okay, I sounded like I'm promoting something to get paid. Anyway, just doing my part of the community by telling you guys about the uber-awesome, great, cool, website. Everytime you guys got those heavy loads of works. just click the website to make sure your work is okay to the teachers and lecturers that is.

I'll be saving the link inside miscellaneous.

And good luck to those who are sitting for Maths exams. :D


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