On why poems are great?

Ok, ok, I admit it. I've been feeling lighter this whole week, despite the heavy workload of assignments, mostly coming from LAN studies. (Islamic Studies). I don't blame the Ustazah much since I do enjoy her classes. You know what? This is the first time I've ever think so deep about things related to Islam. Ustazah always asked questions that is so thought provoking that I end up silent in the class. And I envy that girl for being able to repsond swiftly to the questions asked. That's why I will always print lecture notes earlier than what the Ustazah is going to teach. More exam-oriented? I know. Maybe this is just because I was trained to just read and read and never ever to think.

About the short poems? Erm.

It's not really poems since if I wrote one, it would be flowery and all sorts of that literaturish. It's more of an anecdote. You know short phrases that defines something much more than that. I love that especially if it in Malay. Anyway, I feel so happy for a reason. And Teh, later I'll tell you.

And you.

Where are you? I can't find you in this damn packed streets. :S

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