I would have gotten away with it.

You see, I'm feeling a little bit down. Yes, maybe just a little bit down. Most of the people don't know me as being a possessive and protective person. Everything or everyone related to me are my precious, so I can't help it but being possessive and protective whenever I feel threatened in the forms of they are taken away from me. I am made that way. I really do. People can't change me, nor I myself have the power to do so. All I can do is pretend. Pretend that it doesn't matter when it does the most. Ok done on the negativity.

Next, I should mentioned how my week would turn out to be if JPA's scholarship had been banked in into my account. Hmm, maybe a new phone since my phone is really out of order and style and so on and so forth. I could just enjoy going out with friends, going to Sunway or Midvalley or TimeSquare. And buy the text books I need to use during the classes. And sadly enough, it doesn't yet. -_-|||

Never mind about that, I really need to get out. It's boring in the Saturdays and Sundays without my friends. Done with the debate already, Usopp!

I wanna hangout with you guys la. XD

Tata XD


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