Seriously, you are a stranger.

Let me tell you an incident that make me quite furious about how immature people are now, despite they carry themselves an identification each, stating the figures of their age.

The Lift stopped at 1st floor. It was already crowded with some other boys. Came in two girls that I know.

Just smiling won't be enough for me, so I started the conversation.

Me: Hey, when you're going to watch the movie?

1st Girl: Hmm, this Friday? I already asked your friend to come along too.

Me: Oh okay. Let's go then.

2nd Girl: Eh, what if we watch a midnight movie?

Me: Don't want lah late at night. Dangerous lah.

1st Girl: I've got you and the other friend of yours. Bodyguards lah tu.

2nd Girl: Just don't hide if there's trouble.

Then the lift reached their floor. So we say our goodbyes.

"Org Putih": "what if we watch a midnight movie?" in an imitating voice.

2nd Boy: "Just don't hide if there's trouble." also imitating.

3rd Boy: Uuekk, I don't like the 2nd Girl at all!

"Org Putih" : You know how to choose girls lah! *making sarcastic face*

Me: .....

Then they left to their respective floors.

I don't know why people like to talk bad things about others. You guys are so immature, which reminds me of the boys in the NST commercial.

Hello! Wake up boys! You guys are not that perfect either!

And don't go around talking high and mighty. It's my friend that you're talking about.

Be aware of this person!

He'll attack with sarcastic remarks. Even, if you don't know him at all. And "Orang Putih" don't pretend like you know people with just one look. It's nonsensical.

And oh yeah, if the person reads this, then no hard feelings ya?

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