I'm so Clumsy

I've thought I've lost my thumb drive, so I was searching madly for it.

I've retraced my steps, from my floor to the 1st floor. Nothing.

Tomorrow, I have legal presentation. My slides are lost.

Retype all of the slides, 80% like the original one.

I was relieved but sad at the same time, since my days gonna past without my thumb drive.

Then, my house mate came and ask about my legal presentation.

I've mentioned how I've lost my thumb drive and have to make a new presentation.

The best part is, the I left the thumb drive in his room, and its freaking 1.30 a.m already.

I'm so careless. -_-|||

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  1. owh-kay... u used my laptop to write this meh? hampeh~~~~ kna bayar nih...


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