Friends of A Lifetime.

Today, might be the last day I will ever see him again, face to face, voice heard clearly, vibrating the eardrums, creepy yet entertaining laughter, killing of the silence away, and his unstoppable ways of showing what life means for everyone. It means colourful to me. You had define it to me, the word


True friend come once in a million years. I'll be lying that I'm not lucky enough to have you around.

Friends are forever, gonna miss you a lot. :)

It's you we all gonna miss so much. So, Razrin, before you go to Russia to further on your studies, I wanna let you know how we are all going to miss you so much. Be careful out there. You may never know what will come in the future. Study well, and never ever forget the Almighty. We will pray for your safety and success, so don't forget to do the same for us too.


Friends of a lifetime.

All those time of being together as friends, the hardships of life, we braved it trough together. Those happy moments we cherished together. Never ever leave it here to be forgotten. Bring it with you to Russia. You'll never know if you're gonna need it. :) A song for you.

After all, going somewhere far isn't the full stop to our friendship right?


  1. salam chom. can i add u as a friend?

  2. Yes, of course. I don't mind. :D

  3. thx chom for this awesome post!! sayang korang semua!!!


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