It's worth the RM5 note.

So, it was an another fine day to start my day. Except that, I was feeling extra motivated for it. God only knows why I was so motivated about it. Maybe of the ticket I bought for RM5 made all the difference in it. Zayana sold it to me, isn't it, Miss Zayana? She was so hard working, she even sold it during the EAP class. My salutations to you. :) Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, lots of food for RM5. Please bear in mind, that I'm going for the event not just for the food, but for the other activities as well. After we finished our class, we have our prayers, and went straight into the LT2 for the tazkirah.

Guess what, half on my side, people were sleeping. Including me. Well, I'm sorry to say that it was my fault in the first place to get bored easily. I cannot hear a dragging speech for a long long time. So, I'm so sorry to the person giving the tazkirah. But then again, it wasn't all that sleepy, since most of the time, various kind of ring tones could be heard. That gives me the idea to,

We're bored. :)
Snap some pictures. And do mind the people sleeping next to us. :P Anyway, got my way there by the bus and decided to have a look around the bazaar next to the Masjid.

Don't dare ask what is that cause we don't even know ourselves.

Oh, while waiting for the Tarawikh prayers to start, we snap some pictures again as it's kinda bored waiting. Please mind the quality, mine camera isn't a good one to be bothered with. :)

Looks kinda tired, right? ( Shafiq forced a smile Haha :) )

Those waiting patiently for the matter.

It's about time when we already finish our 8th raka'at prayers, so it's time to say good bye to the Masjid and that event we had. Hope this kind of event will be held again sometime later. It's fun breaking fast with friends, right? Although there's not a picture to show it. Kinda indulged with the food I guess? :D

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