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Friends! Yes and I mean it. This is the first time that I ever had felt so happy being in a class since I was in form 1. I'm not kidding. Seriously. I don't know why but it seems that my previous classes weren't like the current one. Not that I hate my whole class, (only certain people whose names shall not be revealed) I do enjoy it, but not to the maximum. The first time I entered the classrooms, as the member of the Class, I felt it was not going to be any different from the previous ones. It'd only took me 2 months to prove me wrong. Joy, laughter, and togetherness could be felt, and it felt so real too. I really love my classmates now. :)

J10 Muslims + Kenny

We had fun together.

But that wasn't really the point! The point is, yesterday we went to break our fast together as classmates, only Muslims that is, including Kenny as well. (Yeah, I know. Quite contradict with the topic intro isn't it? >.<) We went to the nearest KFC outlet which is Mydin Mall's. Everyone was there except for Afiqah who had some other plans with her friends at Sunway. So, she was replaced by Kenny to make sure the number sill remains the same. Anyway, it was quite fun to eat together with friends. I mean I felt like breaking fast with my own family, since yeah, I miss breaking fast with my own family. It's true when people said,

You'll appreciate something or someone when you're away from them.

Not implying that I don't appreciate my family when I'm around them. Heh :D Although it was quite full inside the KFC, we still think it was quite comfortable. Thanks everyone for making my day brighter. :)

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