When it's your turn. You'll know.

Suddenly, everyone's cramping in this whole building. I can't even breathe in the lift, even sardines inside the can have the time to take a breather for themselves. They came, push, grab anything they can. I was molested, (literally speaking) for I wasn't been able to move at all and those hands. Moving silently, caressing anything they can reach. I was utterly speechless. And it was already near 7.00 p.m. Goodness, if can't reach home on time, I might eat one of the nurses to stay alive.

Yes, I'm cruel. I eat people to break my fast. Especially the most annoying nurses. (Not having any discrimination against nurses, but in this case, I might.)

I might be wrong myself. Well, you might be wrong too.

So far, no humans were eaten by me since I can still control myself.

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