Hoho, I'm earliest is it?

For the past three days, every time I woke up, after a light sleep after sahur that is, I'm always the first one to be ready for school. I thought it was quite normal since it's Ramadhan time and that people tend to get lack of sleep. Oh well, it wasn't really the case. Anyway, I went out of the home and to my surprise, no one's waiting for the lift. Is it a holiday today? I was so doubtful of myself, even when I pressed the lift, it went straight from G to the 20th floor. The whole morning was easy breezy for me, no hassles, no trying to walk fast which I'm trying so hard to, no waiting for busses, no racing with each other for the bus seats and nothing but me.

But, but, but! The most upsetting things of all things and it can't get any worse especially when you think you're QUITE early than most people is that the inability to get the seat inside the cafe. >.<

I was stumbled to see many people besides me. And after my 9th attempt to get a seat, I finally succeeded to get one. Yeah, of all 10 attempts that is. -_-'' At first no one's sitting there, and I thought this is it, my one chance to get a seat and I did get it but it turned out to be that everyone's rejecting that place since it's really cold under the air conditioner . What to do? I'm not ready yet to let go of my throne after so many attempts. I just resist the cold and forced my way of reading Islamic studies notes and my classmates were not helping with all the loud noises, not that I'm really bothered by it.

So the lesson of the day. Always check your date so that you won't feel absurdly ridiculous when you woke up and no one's waiting for the lift since you might be thinking of a sudden holiday, god-knows how it was created in the first place.

And never ever to safely assumed that you're early when the facts are saying the otherwise.

Getting a seat and a table inside the cafe is hard and gruelingly time consuming .
Might one day put some rats to scare people off. Just kidding :D
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