Spin, baby, spin.

You'll tend to lose the track of time when you're getting older and busier by the day. As long as I can remember, it is already near three months that I last met with Ain. I miss her so much. Seriously. Her cute bubbly face is so adorable to begin with. And I also miss watching TV (mainly cartoon shows that is) shows with her. And it all thanks to my expertise of being a babysitter for the past 6 So I've decided to make a post about her. Here's my little niece, Ain Zulaikha!

By the way, she's turning 2 this November, and sadly enough, I might not be able to be there and celebrate her birthday. Haha, I just love how she would dance to teletubbies and wonderpets songs. :D

Quite entertaining for a kid's show


She just really love the shows and I remember all the lyrics and it all thanks to this little mischievous girl. Anyway, can't wait to go back for this coming holiday to see her again.

Psst, I also did enjoy those shows. :P

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