Of telling what teletubbies would do

Haha. Haha. Again. Haha, I feel quite absurd today. Yes, yes, might be of that movie.

Of course, it's because of THAT movie. Oh, it is possible, isn't it?

Well, I did say, singles are not suited to watch the movie. It's for pairings. (I'm not lonely)

Oh, make me jealous, make me happy, and yet I am still me.

I envy you! You rusty, old garbage collector. (I'm not jealous, and once again not lonely.)

Regrets? Of course not.

Be my eve! Be my eve!(not desperate either).

Wall-E: Eeeeevvaaaa *technical robotic sound*

Eve: Wallll-eee *less technical robotic sound*

I shouldn't had watched it. Feels absurd in ways I can't explain. I might sound needy.

Stupid me. And it can't be helped either to be stupid.

Does that means I'm total powerless when it comes to relating emotions in the application of daily lives?

Please don't. I'll deny it all over again.


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